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As a longtime health advocate, I believe successful strategies begin with tailoring information and education to meet your specific needs. 


So, I offer a variety of health and wellness services to deliver practical, useful health education that encourages sustainable behavioral change toward better health outcomes.


Whether you are seeking support as an individual, group or organization, my health education services will help you live a life you love.

"As an experienced speaker myself, I am enlightened by Mrs. Reid's presentations. I always come with an empty plate to hear her because I know it will be extremely full at the end!"

- Dr. J. McCants

Cooking Classes and Demos:

Now we can cook together wherever you are through virtual cooking classes offered via Zoom. 


Group Health Education:

Single classes or a series developed for your group for a variety of health-related topics. These presentations are adaptable to corporate and community group settings​.

School Programs:

Food is the perfect medium to bring curricular standards together for a holistic learning experience for your students. In schools and institutions, professional development for your nutrition staff can enhance the flavor, nutrition and appeal of the meals served. Developing Farm to School/ECE programs can enhance the health of your students, family and staff. 

Lifestyle Coaching:

Do you have a lifestyle goal? I can help you tap into your intrinsic motivation required to make sustainable change to help you achieve that goal.

Please contact me to discuss additional services which include:

  • Presenter, Key Note Speaker

  • Brand Ambassador

  • Content and Curriculum Developer

Praise for

Stress Management Series:

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"10/10 Would highly recommend! Sessions are always on point and speak to the needs of the staff. Not only do these sessions identify problems, but they help us plan solutions that work for us! " 

— Ronitia Hodges, Project Manager

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Healthy Lifestyle
Coaching Services:
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“I can't thank you enough for taking your time, resources and expertise to help get me and so many others started on this journey to better health."

— Legena Crawford, Pastor

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