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Virtual Cooking Classes

Now we can cook together wherever you are through virtual cooking classes offered via Zoom. 


Who can cook with me? Anyone!

  •  Individuals (private one-on-one lessons)

  • Groups (work groups, social organizations, churches)

  •  Kids (classes, scouts, teams and clubs)


A fun way to reconnect! Whether it’s a PTA group from school, or family members from all over the country cooking together for a special occasion.


Add virtual cooking to your virtual birthday parties, girl’s nights “in” and couples’ date nights.


Set up one class, or a series so you or your group can hone these important kitchen skills and learn techniques from me, a professional chef.


What you need:

  •  A computer or tablet is preferred over a phone (bigger screen)

  •  Wifi or internet access

  •  A kitchen equipped with standard equipment and supplies (stove, overn, cookware etc)


What you’ll get:

  • A list of ingredients to acquire prior to class

  • A unique Zoom link and password

  • An email address to contact me with any questions or concerns

  • The full recipe after we’ve cooked together to add to your collection


What you’ll do:

  •  Shop for ingredients prior to class

  •  Log in 5 minutes before class time

  •  Have a blast cooking with me and learning along the way

  •  Eat a delicious meal that YOU prepared

  •  Tell a friend and sign up again!


Got allergies? Need to make substitutions? No worries, I’m just an email away.

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