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Kids in Vegetable Farm

School Programs

Healthy kids, healthy schools, healthy families

I earned my Master of Public Health from Emory University's Rollins School of Public Health where I completed a thesis on the complexities of picky eating. I also hold a Master of Science in Education from the University of Kansas where I developed a plan for integrating health/nutrition into PreK-5th STEM/STEAM curriculum.


I have taught Cooking and Nutrition classes in an afterschool program for eight years for children in grades K-5 at Drew Charter School where I also support the Healthy You Healthy Drew program across all three academies and launched the Cooking Club for the senior academy.

School curriculum enhancement

  • Presentations for STEM/STEAM Day

  • Project-Based Learning (PBL) support

  • Nutrition and Cooking education

  • Afterschool programs


For over a decade, I have worked to connect farms to educational institutions in order to increase the amount of local, fresh produce available to kids. I also focus on parent engagement and the "trickle-up" effect that creating healthy habits in children has on entire families. My experience is encapsulated in Professional Development and Training for nutrition staff, teachers, directors and administrators

Nutrition Staff Training 

  • Cooking Techniques for fresh produce

  • Knife Skills and Enhanced Presentation

  • Sourcing Local Produce

  • Seasonal Cooking and Cycle Menus


Farm to School and Early Care Education (ECE) programs and training

  • How to Conduct a Taste Test

  • Best Practices for Cooking with Kids

  • Sourcing Local Produce

  • How to Build a Farm to School/ECE Program

Bringing health-based programming to school and early education settings is my specialty! Food is a fun and engaging way to make cross-curricular connections for students of all ages.

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